Why join BABJ?

You’ve asked for it for years and now Baltimore has a thriving local chapter for the National Association of Black Journalists. Charm City hosted the 2016 Region I Conference and was nominated for 2017 NABJ Chapter of the Year. Here’s your chance to return to the mission of NABJ, right here in Maryland.

3 Reasons to Join BABJ

Membership has its privileges. Here are three reasons to join BABJ:

  1. The official BABJ Facebook page is a restricted for “members only”. We share countless job, fellowships, internships and freelance opportunities via this page.
  2. You will also be able to attend meetings, career development workshops and events as a member.
    (NOTE: Meetings will always be free to members. Meeting guests fees will not exceed $5. Special event rates will vary.)
  3. It’s time for you to get involved in BABJ.

Please complete this online application and submit your payment via PayPal. Your business contact information will be listed in the BABJ membership directory and will only be available to members and the National Association of Black Journalists HQ.

2019 Membership Drive (Feb. 1 – Apr. 1)

The 2019 Membership Drive is taking place February 1 through April 1. All “Members Only” privileges will reset March 1. You’ve been warned.

Baltimore Association of Black Journalists 2018 Membership Application

Baltimore Association of Black Journalists 2018 Membership Application

If your information is the same as your original membership application you do not need to reenter your information. If your information has changed please indicate that in the appropriate fields below.

Professional Membership (1-Year / $40)

This one-year membership is open to any person whose principal livelihood comes from creating, producing or supervising the creation of journalism. Any person who works primarily in a field related to journalism – such as public relations, public information, marketing, communications, advocacy, legal, etc. – and whose work supports the mission of BABJ.

Student Membership (1-Year / $20)

This one-year membership is open to any high school, college or university students – including undergraduate, graduate and associate degree students – who have a demonstrated interest in journalism.

NOTE: Please email babjmd@gmail.com in the event that you experience any technical errors on this page.